Faces of Immigration Day 28 of 40

Carlos Roberto Rodriguez, 34, Carlitos Alberto Rodriguez, 3

Carlos Roberto Rodriguez, 34, and his son Carlitos Alberto Rodriguez, 3, are from Progreso Yoro, Honduras. Carlos is a single parent, and desires to give his kids a better future by working in the United States. There are no opportunities, apart from crime,” he said about Honduras, where crime is rampant and economic opportunity is […]

Faces of Immigration Day 27 of 30

Israel Domingo Diego Pascual, 32, came to the United States with his son Armando Diego Andres, 13, from San Juan Tutlac, a part of Barillas, in the Huehuetenango Department of Guatemala. “I came to the United States out of necessity,” he said, “what affects us most there is the poverty and crime.” His father, mother, […]

Faces of Immigration Day 25 of 40

Abelardo Cucul, 34, and his son Baldwin Cucul, 9, are from a small town named Damasco in the city of Coban in the Alta Verapaz Department of Guatemala. Back home, remain his four other children, and his wife. His son, Baldwin, has only studied for one year. “What happens is that I don’t have any money,” […]

Faces of Immigration Day 24 of 40

Augusto Lopez, 40, Osbin Misael Lopez, 15,

Augusto Lopez, 40, and his son Osbin Misael, 15, from La Libertad in the Huehuetenango Department of Guatemala arrived at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral in Las Cruces after being released from migration detention. Back home he worked as a day laborer cutting coffee. His hometown is situated in the highlands of Guatemala, surrounded […]

Faces of Immigration Day 23 of 40

Selvin Antonio, 30, Selvin Ariel, 7

Selvin Antonio, 30, and his son Selvin Ariel, 7, from Jutiapa, Atlántida in Honduras made the journey to the U.S. – Mexico border in order to improve their lives. Selvin Antonio worked in the fields harvesting crops. His hometown is a small village where little economic opportunity exists. In Honduras, remain his wife and other […]

Faces of Immigration Day 22 of 40

Pedro Gomez Domingo, 51, Carolos Enrique, 15

Pedro Gomez Domingo, 51, from Cienega y Al Castan in the Huehuetenango Department of Guatemala, came with his son Carlos Enrique, 15, in search of a better life. They spent eleven days travelling through Mexico, and then four days in migration detention in the United States. “Thank god we we arrived more or less safely,” […]

Faces of Immigration Day 21 of 40

Olmar Medida, 25, Angelie Medida, 4

Olmar Merida, 25, from San Sebastian in the San Marcos Department of Guatemala brought his daughter Angelie, 4,  to the Casa del Migrante in Ciudad Juárez, after a long journey through Mexico. He received a humanitarian visa “There’s no work, and if there is, it is only enough to buy food and that’s it,” he […]

Faces of Immigration Day 20 of 40

Jose Alberto Molina Sanchez, 30, his wife Guadalupe Sanchez Gonzalez, 26, and their two boys Christian, 2, and Yahir, 1, had already been staying at the Casa del Migrante, a shelter for migrants in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, for six days. Because of a high volume of migrants waiting to cross to claim asylum, the shelter […]

Faces of Immigration Day 19 of 40

Antonio Moreno, 57, Alanis Aurora, 5, Fabian Alejandro, 8,

Antonio Moreno, 57, father of Suyapa Moreno, 32, who came with her and her husband Javier Francisco Torres Orellana, 51, their four children, and her son 15 year-old son from a previous marriage. All eight of them came together from Saba, in the Colon Department of Honduras. The family entered Mexico with the Migrant Caravan […]

Faces of Immigration Day 18 of 40

Angel Velsain, 33, Kelvin, 14,

Angel Velsain, 33, and his son Kelvin, 14, are from Union Cantinil in the Huehuetenango Department of Guatemala. Angel worked in construction in Guatemala, where he earned a pittance that did not allow him to provide for his family. “It was never enough to support my family,” he said, “I have four kids.”   14 […]