In a meeting last Tuesday, July 12th, President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came into an agreement to improve border security technology. 

Agreements between both countries concluded to expand the number of U.S worker visas, welcoming a larger number of refugees in both countries and many more. AMLO and Biden also agreed to help fight human smuggling on both sides of the border by investing $1.5B. 

The multi-year joint between Mexico and the U.S. will focus on many projects along the U.S-Mexico border by improving infrastructure. Also, both countries will attempt to reduce the high prices of inflation in trade.

Opportunities such as legal migration are another challenge the joint collaboration will determine to decrease U.S labor shortages. 

Border security will also be tightened up to eliminate drug smuggling along the 2,000-mile border.

For more news on this matter, please visit the article by AP News down below.


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