Faces of Immigration Day 40 of 40

Carlos Ramirez, 35, Alexander Ramirez, 15

(ASKED NOT TO PUBLISH LAST NAMES, OR EXACT LOCATIONS of family) Carlos, 35, and his son Alexander, 15, made their way through Mexico from Guatemala City where they left behind their families and lives because of extortion threats. 15 years ago, Carlos came to the United States and worked for five years on the East […]

Faces of Immigration Day 39 of 40

Moigu Standing Bear, 62, his wife Firda Standing Bear, 32, and their daughter Sophia Iris Standing Bear, 5, have recently moved to the United States from Indonesia last year. In 2018 the family decided to visit the United States for a few days, but due to unforeseen circumstances Mr. And Mrs. Standing Bear ended up […]

Faces of Immigration Day 38 of 40

Juan Ramon Lopez, 36, and his son Juan Jose Lopez, 15, come from Salama, Department of Baja Verapaz in Guatemala. Juan Ramon leaves behind his wife and three children. His journey through Mexico lasted 12 days until he reached Ciudad Juarez, the border of Mexico- United States. Juan Ramon and his son Juan Jose traveled […]

Faces of Immigration Day 35 of 40

Darling Vargas Picado, 43, Eliezer Josue Vargas Picado, 15,

Darling Vargas Picado, 43, and her two kids Eliezer Josue Vargas Picado, 15, and Aurora Tamara Velasquez Vargas, 10, came together from Matagalpa, Nicaragua and were given food and shelter at Our Lady of Purification Church in Dona Ana, New Mexico the day they were released from ICE. They traveled through Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, […]

Faces of Immigration Day 34 of 40

Francisco Dario Lopez, 45, Jeuber Fernandez, 16

Francisco Dario Lopez, 45, and his son Jeuber Fernandez Lopez, 17, are from the town of San Nicolas in the Santa Barbara Department of Honduras. Like many others from their country, they made the decision to leave out of desire for a better life. They were given  shelter and meals at Our Lady of Purification […]

Faces of Immigration Day 33 of 40

Erduin Euceda, 29, Erduin Fabricio, 10

Erduin Euceda, 29, and his son Erduin Fabricio, 10, from Colon, Honduras, came to the US-Mexico border to find a better life. They spent 14 days traveling through Mexico on their own, and upon being apprehended by the Border Patrol, spent about three days in detention. Upon being released they were taken in a large […]

Faces of Immigration Day 32 of 40

Gresly Yamali Blandon Olivas, 24, Anthony Rene Juarez Blando

Gresly Yamali Blandon Olivas, 24, and her son Anthony Rene Juarez Blandon, 8, came from Esteli, Nicaragua to seek Asylum in the United States. They were given hospitality at Our Lady of Purification Parish in Dona Ana, New Mexico. Gresly studied until her second year of secondary school, until she became pregnant with Anthony. She […]

Faces of Immigration Day 31 of 40

Brenda Marisol Xalin Sutuj, 21, her Husband Alex Anibal, 21 and son, Kevin Alexander, 1, were welcomed in Our Lady of Purification Parish in Dona Ana, New Mexico, and given hospitality the day they were released by ICE, in mid March of 2019. The young family traveled 5 days with the help of Coyotes paying […]

Faces of Immigration Day 30 of 40

Dionel Martinez Ortega, 48, Darwin Leonel Martinez Morales,

Dionel Martinez Ortega, 48, and his son Darwin Leonel Martinez Morales, 13 are from Chiquimula in Guatemala. They were taken in as part of a large group of Central American migrants at Our Lady of Purification Parish in Dona Ana, New Mexico, where they were given food and shelter and assisted with booking their travel […]

Faces of Immigration Day 29 of 40

Antonia Goodman, 77, Melanie Goodman, 48

  Antonia Goodman, 77, from Italy, and her daughter Melanie Goodman, 48, are pictured in their Mesilla home. Melanie grew up both in Italy and the United States. Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, Antonia, met her American husband there and married in 1969. They came to New York in 1971, but ended up moving […]