Gun violence and mass shootings have been unavoidable topics across the United States in the last few months. Many celebrations have ended in tragedies like the one that happened this past July 4th in Highland Park, Illinois. 

The Highland Park shooting suspect was 22-year-old, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III. He is responsible for injuring 68 people and the deaths of 8 individuals. Officials have officially released the names and ages of identified victims. Also, three Mexican nationals were killed in the crossfire; the only Mexican individual identified at the moment is Nicolas Toledo, 76, from Morelos, Mexico confirmed by Roberto Velasco Alvarez, head of the North American Unit for Mexico’s Foreign Ministry on Twitter. 

Throughout the early hours of the shooting aftermath, the suspect was on the loose but authorities were able to apprehend him and take him into custody. Crimo is now facing 7-counts of first-degree murder. 

Officials have not yet released a motive for Crimo’s actions but, the “AR-15” similar rifle he used was purchased legally and had his attack planned out. 

More details are yet to come on this tragedy in the upcoming days. The U.S faced numerous shootings throughout the country. Multiple shootings throughout the 4th of July weekend across the country have put the nation on high alert due to the ongoing gun violence and mass shooting crisis. 

For more information on this case, please read the articles published by NPR and BorderReport down below.

Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico will keep individuals, cities, and officials in our thoughts and prayers who have been affected by the recent shootings in our country. 

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