The deadliest migrant smuggling attempt in U.S. history has possibly put a halt on the U.S-Mexico trade economy. 

A few days after the deaths of 53 migrants, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, announced that he will tighten up security across the whole state of Texas to target trucks that may be connected to human smuggling operations. 

But, how does this affect trade on both sides of the border? Tightening up security at border checkpoints may disrupt cargo flow on both sides of the border due to slowing the transportation of appliances, medical equipment, and other necessities. 

Many Juarez maquiladoras have been working on how to combat this possible disruption of cargo by being ready to detour trucks to New Mexico border crossings such as Santa Teresa and Columbus. 

The details about the new truck checkpoints are still unknown as Abbott hasn’t fully disclosed them but Juarez maquiladora officials are ready to respond. 

For more news on this concern, please visit the article by BorderReport down below.

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