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Catholic Charities programs are made possible through the sustained and generous support of community members like you. Your donation supports fellow community members who need financial and/or legal assistance. We receive direct assistance requests daily through our partner nonprofit agencies, over the phone, through the internet, or in person. Many of the requests we receive are for temporary shelter in local hotels, food, utility, clothing, as well as legal and medical assistance. Many of our clients who are victims of crime, including domestic violence, often must start their lives over again and typically ask us for help with rent deposits, food, children’s clothes and bedding, furniture, medical treatment, and finding a job.

In supporting the poor and less fortunate, we try to empower individuals and families so that they can get through their current difficulties as they move towards more independent and secure lives. Of late, though, many direct assistance requests are being made by working individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet because of the high cost of food, gasoline, rent, and childcare. Your donation, whether large or small, can make a significant difference for a single parent who unfortunately must choose between either paying a utility bill, rent or purchasing groceries for their children.


Your donation can be an answer to their prayers.

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Current Catholic Charities giving opportunities also include:

Our Support For Scholars Program provides direct assistance to homeless high school students in partnership with Las Cruces Public School District Project Link, New America School, and FYI’s My Friends Place. A full-detailed description can be found by clicking on the link below

Our Cultivando Suenos (Cultivating Dreams) program provides seasonal farmworkers with access to fresh organic foods as part of our community health initiative.  In partnership with La Semilla and Del Cerro Community Garden, farmworkers are provided free seeds and land so they can plan and harvest crops for their families.  Our community gardens produce organic fruits and vegetables, do not expose crops to pesticides, and maintain the land in a self-sustaining manner.

Our elder services program includes free legal services as well as estate and financial counseling for senior citizens.  Our elder services program seeks to offer guidance on adult guardianships and protect seniors from financial, emotional, and physical abuse.

El Manantial Hogar is an orphanage in Ciudad Juarez which provides residential care to children and young adults who are physically and developmentally disabled. Your donation to the orphanage allows the staff to provide the children with the daily love and compassionate care they need.


All donations to Catholic Charities are tax-deductible to the manner and extent provided by law. We also accept bequests, and gifts of appreciated assets, including securities and individual retirement accounts (IRAs).  If you would like to learn how your gift could provide you and/or your loved ones with income, please contact our office today at (575) 527-0500.

We are grateful for your generosity and support, thank you!

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