Severe droughts have impacted the borderland due to the high temperatures causing the Rio Grande water level to drop daily. Approximately thousands of border residents have been affected by the low levels of water throughout the Rio Grande.

The city of Zavala, TX has been dealing with the after-effects of the severe drought impacting the cities in the valley of Texas.

Falcon International Reservoir, located on the international boundary between the U.S and Mexico, is responsible for providing water for residents who reside close to the reservoir and many others. High triple-digit temperatures have caused the reservoir to dry out and drop approximately 2 inches per day.

Zapata County Judge Joe Rathmell is worried that the county will soon be out of water due to the low levels that prevent water pumps around the county that delivering potable water to its residents.

Various cities throughout the borderland stretch have been dealing with the same situation. Triple-digit temperatures have raised many concerns to officials and residents of the various counties located near the border.

For more news on this concern, please visit the article by BorderReport down below.

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