A new pilot program is in the works for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) towards immigrants to keep them informed on meetings and court hearings and cut back paper use according to officials.

The program that is currently under the works, proposes to issue immigrants “ICE Secure Docket” in which ICE is still not in the clear on how to issue these cards. Even though immigrants will be provided with these ID’s, they will not be validated as an official federal form of identification in the U.S.

Immigrants will be able to check their cases in an up-to-date basis by using the ID issued to them and prevent paperwork getting lost or fade.

The new pilot program has caused many concerns on Capitol Hill and across the U.S-Mexico Border due to the danger’s immigrants might face when they’re issued these cards. Concerns such as being tracked by ICE officials to migrant smugglers, these are the issues the Biden administration has been facing under the heavy pressure from migrants across the southern border.

Approximately $9 million dollars are proposed to start up the ICE Secure Docket Card program announced by the Biden administration. It’s still not in the clear how the $9 million will start the program or its initial date.

For more news on this concern, please visit the article by KVIA 7 down below.


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