A long-awaited settlement finally has been approved. Federal judge approves settlement with CBP and will provide safe and sanitary housing for minors at border facilities in the El Paso and Rio Grande sectors of the US Border Patrol in Texas

For over more than three years now, minors who have detained have been exposed to unsafe and unhealthy conditions which have been claimed is a violation of the “1997 Flores settlement”.  Dozens of children at a Border Patrol station were previous interviewed and highlighted the conditions in which they found themselves, they shared the mistreatment that is given to them, the lack of hygiene, poorly prepared food.

The settlement approved by federal Judge Dolly Gee requires the Border Patrol to follow a list of requirements. Border Patrol will improve housing conditions, minors will have access to showers, minor will be given hygiene kits, provide appropriate food according to their age, there will be clothes, beds, blankets. Doctors will have access to the border patrol facilities.

This agreement will remain in effect for two and half years and will be monitor to make sure it is complying during which time the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law will have the right to enter border patrol facilities to interview detained minors and monitor compliance with the agreement.

For more news on this concern, please visit the article by 4news down below.


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