ICE Secure Docket Card Program

A new pilot program is in the works for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) towards immigrants to keep them informed on meetings and court hearings and cut back paper use according to officials. The program that is currently under the works, proposes to issue immigrants “ICE Secure Docket” in which ICE is still not […]

Mattress Donations For Senior Citizens Across Southern New Mexico

We would like to Household Furniture Distribution Center located at 1211 Brennan Drive, El Paso, Texas, and Wellmed for the generous donation of brand new mattresses to help the farmer workers, elderly and low-income residents! 72 mattresses were donated to Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico and later donated to Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation and […]

The Healthy Workplaces Act of 2021

As of July 1st, 2022, all New Mexico employers are required to pay mandatory sick leave accrual under The Healthy Workplaces Act of 2021. The Healthy Workplaces Act allows employees to accrue and use the benefit of earned sick leave for various reasons that correspond to the act. Employees may earn and use paid sick leave […]

Organized Crime and Billion-Dollar Human Smuggling Business Across The Border

Border Fence Lines San Diego and Mexico, 2016. The illegal business of smuggling migrants across the U.S border has become a multi-billion dollar industry due to the high prices individual migrants need to pay to cross the border as organized crime and violence have grown and revolutionized throughout the U.S-Mexico border according to the Senate […]

USCIS Extending TPS Protection For Syrian Nationals

Syrian nationals are now eligible for extended Temporary Protected Status in the United States due to the ongoing civil war and resignation of the country of Syria.  This announcement comes after the Department of Homeland Security announced that Syrian nationals who have been residing in the U.S as of July 28, 2022, are eligible for […]

Severe Droughts Impacting The Borderland

Severe droughts have impacted the borderland due to the high temperatures causing the Rio Grande water level to drop daily. Approximately thousands of border residents have been affected by the low levels of water throughout the Rio Grande. The city of Zavala, TX has been dealing with the after-effects of the severe drought impacting the […]

Border Patrol Pursuit in Santa Teresa, New Mexico

Two individuals are dead and ten others are injured after a deadly rollover crash involving a U.S Border Patrol chase in Santa Teresa in the early hours of Wednesday in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa.  The Sunland Park Police Department confirmed the details of this accident which occurred at approximately 4:50 a.m. at the intersection […]

Holy Cross Retreat Center Volunteering

Our community organizer, Lisa Betancourt, rolled up her sleeves and took on the duty as a volunteer for the Holy Cross Retreat Center yesterday, June 26th. Lisa helped by providing drinks and answering questions to refugees at the retreat center. There was a total of 30 people and 10 families with babies and small children. Various nationalities were […]

Computer Donation Helps McKinney-Vento Students in College Search

We are proud to serve students in our community and offer resources that may allow them to succeed in their education and reach any educational goals! Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico has donated 20 computers to Las Cruces Public Schools graduates who might be pursuing post-secondary education or don’t have the resources to purchase a […]