In less than a week, the public health order, Title 42, instituted back in March 2020, is expected to be lifted all across the U.S-Mexico border.

An influx of migrants has entered Cuidad Juarez as it becomes an epicenter of migrants once again due to many asylum seekers in the city.

Even though officials are battling whether Title 42 should be lifted or not,  many asylum seekers have hope that they will be granted asylum and escape for a better life from their home countries.

Migrant shelters across Cuidad Juarez are crowded with different people of various nationalities from South America and the Caribean Islands. Numerous shelters across the city reached maximum capacity due to the growing number of migrants relocating to Cuidad Juarez.

Mostly families from Honduras and Haiti are newcomers to the numerous shelters throughout the city. From political problems to violence, many refugees seek humanitarian and political asylum in the United States.

Since the start of Title 42, approximately 1.6 million migrants have been expulsed from the United States as they were seeking asylum on U.S. soil.

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