Immigrant Shortage in The U.S. Workforce

The U.S. workforce has been experiencing a labor shortage since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our neighboring state of Texas; has felt the profound effect of the nationwide shortage. The shortage of immigrants in the different sectors of the nationwide workforce has caused price hikes and inflation.

Businesses such as homebuilding and meat packaging are scrambling to find workers to fill in the vacant spots that are hurting the thousands of businesses.

Numerous farms such as the Mike Helle’s farm, located in the south valley of Texas, have faced the profound effect of the immigrant shortage.

The owner himself, Mike Helle, has raised numerous efforts to combat the nationwide shortage. He swapped out approximately thousands of hand-picked crops for crops that can be cultivated by machinery.

For more information on this concern and how the U.S. is combating the nationwide shortage, visit the article published by AP Texas down below.