Pastor-run Shelters Teaming Up with Educators

Across the Rio Bravo, pastor-led shelters are teaming up with educators to bring education to migrant children fleeing their native countries in South America.

Multiple pastor-led shelters around Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, are giving access to migrant children a source of educational needs due to many of them losing schooling throughout their immigration journeys to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Even though offering stable access to education, it has become a challenge for multiple shelters throughout Cuidad Juarez.

Children are transported via buses to alternative schools that meet their needs and goals and give hope to migrant families.

Many of the children who attend these schools feel integrated into the educational system and feel comfortable in the classroom setting.

The Casa Oscar Romero is one of the most known shelters throughout Cuidad Juarez. The shelter is named after a Salvadoran archbishop who was murdered in his native country and was later made and recognized as a saint by Pope Francis in 2015.

For more news on how pastor-led shelters are helping migrant children, please visit the article published by APNews down below.