YOUR VOICE MATTERS! State and national elections are at their peaks right now as they are rolling out in our state and nationally.

Even though elections are rolling out, voter safety is at high risk due to militia groups in the state of New Mexico and nationally. According to law enforcement, New Mexico is on the top ten list most at risk for militia group schemes, in which they threaten voters in upcoming elections and the immigrant population in the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico joins states such as California, Virginia, Texas, and North Carolina at the highest risk for militia group schemes across the nation.

Militia groups in New Mexico such as Boogaloo Bois, Cowboys for Trump, and Three Percenters are the groups that pose safety risks in our state. These groups are often aligned with white supremacy and the Republican Party. These groups are known to be anti-government and suspected of violence in New Mexico and other states. Also, militia groups tend to target groups who are against their norms and beliefs. Communities that are against the norms and beliefs of these groups are often harassed with extreme violence.

The FBI and law enforcement agencies in New Mexico have worked tirelessly to eliminate threats and suspicions of violence across the state.

Law enforcement agencies are asking for your help to report any suspicious activity affiliated with these militia groups. Please contact your local law enforcement department or dial 911.

For more information on this growing concern, please visit the report attached down below, published by SantaFeNewMexican.