Roberto Bacoc, 29, and his daughter Suleida Anayi Ba-Yaxcal, 7, are from San Pedro Carcha, Alta Vera Paz department of Guatemala.

Roberto hopes of being able to work and provide for his family. In his hometown and with his family, he speaks Q’eqchi’.  He only was able to attend school until the 6th grade.

They are going to Houston. His wife is still in Guatemala with his two other kids.


Roberto Bacoc, 29, y su hija Suleida Anayi Ba-Yaxcal, 7, son de San Pedro Carcha, Departamento de Alta Vera Paz en Guatemala

Roberto tiene esperanza de poder trabajar y sostener a su familia. En su pueblo con su familia, el habla Q’eqchi’. Solo pudo estudiar hasta la primaria

Ellos van a Houston. Su esposa está en Guatemala con sus otros dos hijos.


The Faces of Immigration Project is a 40 Day photo journal series used to highlight the stories of all Immigrants. The project is meant to shed light on some of the many reasons people have for immigrating to the U.S. Statements and stories have been edited for content, clarity, and brevity and may not reflect the entirety of an Immigrant’s reasons for immigrating to the United States.


by Paul Ratje

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