Border Patrol Pursuit in Santa Teresa, New Mexico

Two individuals are dead and ten others are injured after a deadly rollover crash involving a U.S Border Patrol chase in Santa Teresa in the early hours of Wednesday in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa.  The Sunland Park Police Department confirmed the details of this accident which occurred at approximately 4:50 a.m. at the intersection […]

Holy Cross Retreat Center Volunteering

Our community organizer, Lisa Betancourt, rolled up her sleeves and took on the duty as a volunteer for the Holy Cross Retreat Center yesterday, June 26th. Lisa helped by providing drinks and answering questions to refugees at the retreat center. There was a total of 30 people and 10 families with babies and small children. Various nationalities were […]

Computer Donation Helps McKinney-Vento Students in College Search

We are proud to serve students in our community and offer resources that may allow them to succeed in their education and reach any educational goals! Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico has donated 20 computers to Las Cruces Public Schools graduates who might be pursuing post-secondary education or don’t have the resources to purchase a […]

AMLO and Biden Border Talks

In a meeting last Tuesday, July 12th, President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came into an agreement to improve border security technology.  Agreements between both countries concluded to expand the number of U.S worker visas, welcoming a larger number of refugees in both countries and many more. AMLO and Biden also […]

Colorado Supporting Immigrants

Under a new Colorado state law, undocumented immigrants will now have access to government benefits under state and local law.  The state of Colorado no longer requires U.S citizenship for individuals to receive numerous benefits such as healthcare and governmental aid. This comes after the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis signed a law that makes […]

Migrant Travel Across El Paso Border Sector

Extreme temperatures continue to impact the borderland every day. Also, high temperatures have not put a stop to migrant travel across the El Paso border sector.  Migrant apprehensions have been at an all-time high throughout the El Paso border sector as border patrol officials apprehend approximately 600 migrants per day. Most migrants that are apprehended […]

Northern Mexico Water Crisis

Northern Mexican states face a water crisis due to severe drought and water shortages. Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon are the states that have been impacted the most by these shortages and droughts. Asylum seekers residing in border town cities have also been affected by this ongoing water crisis.  The U.S. border city of McAllen, Texas […]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Recent Executive Order

Texas state troopers and Texas National Guard members now have the authority and power to apprehend and return undocumented migrants to any port of entry in the state of Texas under Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s new executive order.    Abbott’s executive order has raised many questions and concerns about racial profiling and violation of powers […]

4th of July Nationwide Gun Violence

Gun violence and mass shootings have been unavoidable topics across the United States in the last few months. Many celebrations have ended in tragedies like the one that happened this past July 4th in Highland Park, Illinois.  The Highland Park shooting suspect was 22-year-old, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III. He is responsible for injuring 68 people […]

U.S-Mexico Trade Flow Disruption

The deadliest migrant smuggling attempt in U.S. history has possibly put a halt on the U.S-Mexico trade economy.  A few days after the deaths of 53 migrants, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, announced that he will tighten up security across the whole state of Texas to target trucks that may be connected to human smuggling operations.  […]