As thousands of Ukrainian refugees await passage into the United States at the U.S.-Mexico border.  An unknown number of Ukrainian children are being separated due to an anti-trafficking law. 

The San Ysidro border between San Diego and Tijuana has felt the presence of this anti-trafficking law. This law, which has been instituted in 2008, has ripped apart Ukrainian children from their caretakers. 

U.S. border agents and authorities have the power to legally place any minors in government detention shelters who are unaccompanied by their parent(s) as they attempt to travel to the United States. This law has caused shock and confusion among Ukrainian refugees in their escape from war. 

Parents whose children are detained in government shelters must be approved and screened for their children to be released. 

The Department of Health and Human Services mentioned the following in a statement, “Our job is to provide them with care and protection when they’re in our temporary custody.”

For more information on this case throughout the U.S-Mexico border, please visit the article down below published by The New York Times.