Due to rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian individuals migrate to Mexico in hope of a new life or an opportunity to temporarily reside in the United States. 

At the San Ysidro Border in Tijuana, Mexico, thousands of refugees wait for several days for their “number” to be called. This “number” puts them on a waitlist in which they wait to be called to enter the United States.

Last month, the United States announced that it will accept approximately 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. The U.S. hasn’t started any resettlement programs for refugees which have caused a rapid influx of refugees flying into Mexico.

The City of Tijuana has worked together to support refugees seeking resettlement in the United States. As the days go by, there are thousands of refugees seeking the American Dream in which their only hope is to get their number called.

For more information on this case, please visit the article published by The Washington Post down below.