On July 23, 2019, at the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) hearing, Senate Democrats heard testimony from medical and legal experts who have witnessed the terrible conditions at the border firsthand. Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico’s senior attorney, Imelda Maynard Esq., gave testimony on the cruel treatment towards families and children at the US-Mexico border.

        Maynard gave insight on working with clients while fighting governmental policies such as the Return to Mexico policy. She also stated, “Rather than spending billions of dollars on a wall and further tactics aimed at militarizing our border, money should be invested in hiring more adjudicators and support personnel so that we uphold the rule of law by giving people their day in court and an opportunity to make their case.”

“Bottom line: we need to stop criminalizing families who come to the U.S. seeking refuge.” (Imelda Maynard Esq.)