Migration Update – July 19, 2023

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a new parole process for family members of US citizens or permanent residents with approved family-based petitions from Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. According to DHS, qualified family members will be eligible to apply, upon invitation, for parole to join their family members in the United States […]

ICYMI: New Report on Immigration Court Backlog

On May 25, the Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) released a paper entitled, The US Immigration Courts, Dumping Ground for the Nation’s Systemic Immigration Failures: The Causes, Composition, and Politically Difficult Solutions to the Court Backlog, by Donald Kerwin and Evin Millet. The paper examines several causes and solutions to the massive backlog […]


Some have tried to deter migrants from crossing by restricting access to asylum and separating families while others may try to slow crossings by narrowing eligibility for asylum and try to create limited alternatives for people to seek admittance to the US. These temporary solutions are not enough to address the needs of those arriving […]

$300K award to jumpstart internet-aid outreach in Doña Ana, Luna Counties

LAS CRUCES – A federal program launched during the pandemic helps low-income families pay their monthly internet cost – sometimes covering the whole bill. But many people across Southern New Mexico are unaware of the program or have had problems signing up. Thursday, July 6, local internet access advocates formally announced a $300,000 funding award […]


In the 30 years that politicians have pursued prevention-by-deterrence to manage migration, the reality is that migratory flows have resisted these policies. People on the move have already accepted the tremendous risk that comes with attempting to cross borders to seek a dignified life. While the US has invested billions of dollars in attempting to […]

CMS Migration Update

In a decision released on June 23, the US Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling and reinstated the right of the Executive Branch to set immigration enforcement priorities. In issuing the 8-1 decision, the Court decided that the states of Texas and Louisiana did not have standing to bring the case. The Biden administration’s […]