The state of Texas is left mourning after the discovery of 50 migrant individuals left dead in an abandoned tractor-trailer.

46 individuals were found dead on the scene and 4 more passed away after being rushed to the hospital this past Monday, June 27th. Officials believe the bodies of migrants are from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. The migrants were also smuggled across the border. 

Late Monday afternoon, a San Antonio city worker found the truck alongside a desolate San Antonio backroad said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. Authorities responded to the scene by placing body bags alongside the trailer while additional bodies remained inside. 

This isn’t the first time the city of San Antonio has seen this kind of tragedy. In 2017 and 2019, the same kind of tragedy occurred as migrants were left trapped inside sweltering trucks. 

The truck is believed to come from the city of Laredo, Texas. The truck was believed to also have mechanical issues which were left in the sweltering heat. 

For more information on this tragedy, please visit the article by BorderReport down below.

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