The Rio Grande, also known as the Rio Bravo, serves many purposes, especially for the agricultural sector along the U.S-Mexico border but also poses dangers such as strong currents and deep waters along the border. 

Migrant rescues have increased in a sharp spike along with the El Paso border sector due to many migrants being swept by strong currents that the Rio Grande poses. Authorities alert migrants not to cross the river due to its strong currents which can end up in life or death. Multiple bodies have been recovered since the start of the summer which is something that authorities have worried about due to an influx of migrants heading to the border. 

Rescues have passed the toll from last year along the U.S-Mexico border. Approximately 13,000 searches and rescues have been utilized across the border, according to officials from U.S Customs and Border Protection.

For more information on this topic, please visit the article by CNN Politics down below. 

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