Temperatures throughout the borderland have surpassed the 100 Fahrenheit mark which poses health risks, especially to the traveling migrant community. U.S and Mexican officials have warned migrants to not travel across deserts due to deadly temperatures which can cause severe dehydration and death. 

The number of migrant deaths in the El Paso-Southern New Mexico border sector increased sharply due to deaths and rescues rising to double digits. Deaths are not only death related but also environmentally related such as drownings and falls. Officials urge that traveling migrants stay hydrated and avoid any dangerous areas if they’re on foot. 

The hot and rigid Chihuahuan desert has posed many risks to migrants but, smugglers have also caused another point of concern. Illegal human smuggling has impacted the migrant community due to posing many risks in their travel. Many migrants are left behind in the desert due to being abandoned by smugglers and personal injuries such as a twisted ankle. 

As the temperatures continue to rise, border officials expect more migrants to travel to the U.S-Mexico border. 

For more information on this concern, please visit the article by BorderReport down below. 



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