Touch of Love Gardens
Touch of Love Gardens
Touch of Love Gardens and Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico Community Garden at Radium Springs: 

Catholic Charities has obtained a “Victory Noll Empowerment Grant” from the Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters to provide a sustainable source of food and income to farmers that are more lucrative than the low wages they currently earn farming land and harvesting food that is not their own. Catholic Charities has formed a partnership with Tiffany Swift to assist in meeting the goals of this grant. 


The following pictures are of Ms. Swift and individuals who will be working at Touch of Love Gardens and lead the implementation of the community garden plan and community engagement and outreach services which is located in Radium Springs. These pictures are of the actual garden and the current undertaking to prepare the land for the community garden. This is representative of the beginning of this joint venture between Touch of Love and Catholic Charities.

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