A Nobel prize-winning immigrant’s view on American inequality

In October 2015, Princeton economist Angus Deaton got an early-morning call from Sweden that most scholars can only dream of. Groggy and bleary-eyed, Deaton learned that he had won the Nobel Prize in economics “for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare.” For most award winners, the storm of media coverage following the Nobel announcement […]

The immigrant population in the U.S. is climbing again, setting a record last year

The immigrant population in the U.S. is growing again. The number of people born somewhere else climbed by nearly a million last year, reaching a record high of just over 46 million, according to new estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. The increase isn’t huge for a country the size of the U.S. But it’s significant, as […]

August 8th – Migration Update

On August 3, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, 2-1, that the Biden administration could keep its restrictive asylum policy in place as it considers its appeal to a reversal of the policy by a federal district court. The Biden rule, known as the “transit” or “asylum” ban, denies asylum to anyone who failed […]

GOP lawmakers once praised Catholic Charities. Now they want to defund the group.

A few Republican members of Congress are threatening to reduce or eliminate funding for Catholic Charities and other faith-based groups that offer aid to immigrants at the U.S. southern border. The lawmakers, who are echoing the campaigns of conservative Catholic groups that vow to “#defund the bishops,” have already succeeded in inserting their agenda into […]

Kerry Alys Robinson appointed Catholic Charities USA president and CEO

Alexandria, Va. – Kerry Alys Robinson, a renowned expert in Catholic leadership and philanthropy, will serve as the next president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA). When Robinson begins her tenure at CCUSA on August 23, 2023, she will become only the second layperson and second woman to guide the domestic humanitarian work of […]

Migration Update – July 25, 2023

According to government data, the Biden administration has authorized the legal entry of a record 521,000 migrants into the United States over the past two years through its humanitarian parole authority. The figure includes over 160,000 Ukrainians, 148,000 from Latin America and the Caribbean, and about 77,000 Afghan evacuees. The use of humanitarian parole to facilitate entry […]

Migration Update – July 19, 2023

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a new parole process for family members of US citizens or permanent residents with approved family-based petitions from Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. According to DHS, qualified family members will be eligible to apply, upon invitation, for parole to join their family members in the United States […]